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Burlap's tales

Halftone Image of Crowd


Raff travaille pour un simulateur de réalités. Cependant, il n'est pas fait pour les cadres rigides.

évoluant dans une ville contrôlée par une élite invisible. Pris avec une impression de fausse liberté, aidé par de louches acolytes,

raff est sur le point de changer sa vie à jamais.


Burned Fuels

A dystopian future, a mysterious reunion, a man with a mission greater than himself, shooting blasters running on a thin thread.

Welcome to the Blurry City  and please be wary to not gaze into the void,


you might loose it all. 


The Great Brrr

A wallstreetbets parody,

following a young bear trying to live 
in a world where the Mysterious forces of the market are at play. Proceed with caution, your life savings are at stake.

for initiated WSB members only. 



Follow the story of two lost souls wandering in a troubled world. A weird tale about the value of life and the quest for meaning.



No Faith in Pandas




Acapulco Gold

Currently inking the story of two siblings trying to fix the mistakes of their missing father.


On the run, outcast since birth, they are force to collaborate with the Resistance which as become tyranical on it's own way.

first arc Main story out for 2021

prologue currently being drawn, If any artists are interested in collaborating they can contact me.

Cinematographic background

 because why not? 
     (Amateur and unedited)

Music Demos

Darkpilled - RAW
crash and Buurn Raw