The tales of the Great Brrr: Part 3

It was too late now. Jacob the Little Junior said fuck it I'm in, and once a bear take this oath he can’t back down. That’s what it was, the old bear and him were going to perform a derivative spell, they were both gonna average down in a basement full of bagholders to retrieve what was supposed to be a fair lump of tendies.

  • So you sure of this DD of yours? Asked a worried Jacob.

  • Can’t go tits up, I’m telling you. Answered the old bear.

  • Well, I need more than some famous last words, to reassure me.

  • See, I’ve been through all, look at my face?I’ve been to the Enron valley, I fought against the bulls on the frontier of the old rigs, near petroleumopolis. I was there when we fought and won the great war of the dotcom bubble.

  • Well I don't need your All-times returns old bear, I need something real.

Visibly hurt, the old bear grumbled, and went to grab something in the corner of the room.

The bear came back to the table with a rusty box, curious Jacob took the time to appreciate the fine print, he could feel the printer's magic emanating from inside. Jacob ran his finger on the edge of what looked like an S crossed with a bar.

  • Go for it, open it, whispered the old bear.

Jacob cautiously opened the lid of the box. Inside he found some strange scrolls, with odd numbers and weird faces.

  • Is it…

  • Yes, it is what you think it is. The rumor is true they still exist!

  • I mean, I tought it was some legends, stories for the kids, yadiyada. This is really it? The true thing?

  • Yes, my son, what you are currently holding in your hands. Is what is deemed to be real CASH MONEY. The truest form of all tendies, the physical remnants of what us bears fought our lives for.

  • This is incredible, but what is it worth now? I mean, nobody uses these anymore.

  • Well...we are going to use them the only way us bears should have used them since the bretton woods treaty… We are going to set them on fire kiddo.

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